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Shadow Mountain Mental Health
Anne Miller PMHNP-BC


College Health


General Psychiatry Practice

Meet Anne Miller


I believe the best approach to working with clients is to listen first, and then work together in a collaborative fashion according to your self-defined needs and goals. As a client you will find that I encourage a well-rounded approach which includes judicial use of medication and supplements, sleep, nutrition, and exercise. If requested by the client, I can collaborate with his/her/their therapist to help improve the overall care. I work primarily with college students and women’s mental health but see all people between the ages of 18-64. Although I do primarily medication management, there is no pressure to start medications. I can provide an assessment independent of medication management for those who have questions about their symptoms or want a second opinion. For those who do start medications I often supplement medication management with therapy for some types of anxiety and for understanding the unique ADHD brain. 

Taking the first step towards assistance can be difficult. I invite you to contact me via email or phone, and we can explore your options together.

 "Anne is always there when I need her. She is uncomplicated and gentle while listening and speaking. As she directs my care I feel safe, heard and cared for. I have full confidence in her decisions. Her use of Telepsychiatry makes her accessible when I can't get to her office. For me, she is a Good Choice!" 

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Shadow Mountain Mental Health

1200 28th St.

Suite 200b

Boulder, CO 80303

(Is located on the corner of 28th St and Colorado blvd, off the 28th St. frontage road in the offices of Mountain View Mental Health)

Tel: 505-716-0958

For inquires please email me at

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