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General Psychiatry

For many people, the idea of taking medication can be frightening. I thoroughly explain my suggested medication, the rationale for such, and what to expect in terms of responses and possible side effects. At times it may benefit the client to augment with supplements.  Some herbs can also be safely added.  


With any mental health issue I believe the best outcomes can be achieved through healthy lifestyle choices such as exercise, good nutrition, meditation, and mindfulness.  I encourage therapy and enjoy collaborating with therapists!


My general psychiatry practice focuses on other aspects of women’s mental health to include PMDD and perimenopause. In addition I see people with anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety, PTSD, and OCD. I am especially interested in seeing healthcare workers who are suffering traumatic stress due to their work during this Covid pandemic. Lastly, I enjoy working with people with ADHD.

I can provide diagnostic evaluations for those interested in a second (or first!) opinion. This would include education, resources, and treatment options. There is never any obligation to start medication. 


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